We ComiConverse With Jonathan Maberry February 22nd, 2016 | by Craig Caudill BOOKS 0 ComiConverse contributor Craig Caudill brings the second installment of his series, Speculative Yahtzee. Today he interviews noted writer and eighth degree black belt, Jonathan Maberry. CC: What novel changed your life, and who is your favorite author? JONATHAN MABERRY: Richard Matheson gaveContinue reading “SPECULATIVE YAHTZEE WITH JONATHAN MABERRY”

Speculative Yahtzee

ComiConverse > Books > We ComiConverse With Mather Zickel We ComiConverse With Mather Zickel February 15th, 2016 | by Craig Caudill BOOKS 0 Review of: Reviewed by: Craig Caudill Rating: 5 On February 15, 2016 Last modified:February 15, 2016 Summary: More Details Craig Caudill begins a new Q&A series at ComiConverse today: Speculative Yahtzee. HisContinue reading “Speculative Yahtzee”