Over the years I have had the strangest dreams of all times and would rival the  most extreme opium eaters pipe dream. All my life. Drug related or not drug related I always felt like I was connected to a pipe line to nether regions which I had filled journal after journal until it became beyond words what I was dreaming. Plus it also confused and alienated me even more than before I started doing  this

My favorite Dreams are the ones with famous people or sex with famous people which would make you laugh and also make you say Yuk!!!

I dreamed very quickly that Iggy Pop was tearing my clothes off as I screamed like a girl. I had this dream twice. I was safe because I would wake as soon as the clothes began tearing and I was screaming

I will note here that many of my friends told me 20 years ago they had these Burroughs Dreams with me in them. Mostly it’s me showing up at their house and Burroughs just left or he and I were sitting together discussing things. One dream there was someone chasing me around the house with an axe while Burroughs was calmly sitting smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee.  At this point I felt left out of the Burroughs equation because I’m the one who told them about Burroughs. And its not like I’m bragging on how I got everyone into Burroughs. Someone told me about it. My literary friends and I would pass on the info to someone else


I remember feeling jealous they were dreaming of him and I wasn’t that didn’t happen until fifteen years later long after he died.

But it was like a demon version of Burroughs all I know He would not leave when I asked him too. Now Ginsburg was more upbeat. He wore this baggy hippy hat with these fringed tassels and on the end of the tassels were these lit up fiber optic eye balls that would blink.

My First dream about Lou Reed was amazing. I dreamed he was driving me in a Monster truck and drove the forest knocking down powerful red wood trees. At one point it seemed like we were stuck. I liked around and it was like an ocean of trees crushed under the powerful wheels Lou’s Truck.

“Uh oh I think we’re trapped here for a little while” I said to Lou.

“Do you think so?” he said so smoothly then changed gears and the tree began to grind and tear apart and we were off again. I looked out the window and all I could see was logs being pulverized.  The whole image was soothing so powerful that 25 years later I still have not forgotten.

I once dreamt of David Bowie.  It was a concert that was outdoors and I remember when he sang the opening lyrics to Moonage Day dream “I’m an Alligator the crowd grew wild and screamed as his mouth grew and into an Alligator’s mouth after things got blurry.

When I have these dreams I feel safest than in certain other dreams far too many to mention.

I’m bringing a point that I always referred to David Lou and Iggy as the Holy Trinity I would affectionately refer the Devil would be Andy Warhol those were my favorite artists 20 years ago and I wanted to be in a band write poetry and make art.

The next part is hard to talk about but last night dream might sheds some light. I was in the hospital again I was on life support and with a cruel medical staff. It’s the stuff of nightmares and is a hard subject for me. I had a ventilator in my mouth and I was all alone. Somehow I find myself being rolled out of the hospital by in visible forces. Got in the elevator then got out when my floor arrived. I went out the door of the main entrance, and past ambulances, the parking lot and quickly off hospital grounds.

It would be important to note I was alone and still connected to Telemetry, IV’s and ventilator. And must say ii was alone. There was nobody around to spot me or stop me or run me over in their car. So somehow I was in my neighborhood going up and down the street.

Then suddenly I saw a star in the sky it was bright and beautiful and was coming down slowly until it finally stopped there was a mist light that bled through so I did not get a clear view. But there intricate patterns then I heard musical notes and I knew just from the sound it was Lou Reed. Each light intensify with whatever note was played and the songs were like a culmination of his entire career. From before and after Velvet Underground and then beyond. It was so enthralling to hear music I never heard. Music so sweet so powerful it was as if Lou evolved into this ethereal being. The memory is fading from me I can remember the feelings I got and that remember my body heave every time he had a guitar solo. It made me think of the song “I’m beginning to see the light”

I met myself in a dream
And I just wanna tell you, everything was alright
Hey now, baby, Im beginning to see the light


Now that I’m awake I feel strange I feel envious of anyone who saw Lou Live or even went to the underground Reunion tour.  You guys were lucky. I feel weird now because people that something to me and slowly going away yet I go on like a rabbit in a cage being poked and prodded I always told my wife then when I go I want to go like Elijah and just  be spirited away in a chariot of fire I almost thought that’s what that was. I thought it was time to exit. Well as I write this that’s not the case. All I can think of now about the last line

How does it feel to be loved? How does it feel to be loved?

Planet Caravan and Purple Rain

Planet Caravan and Purple Rain

I can hear you upstairs stomping with heavy shoes.
I can hear you beat up any woman dumb enough to stop
for a night cap But I wonder its not your
apartment to cause such mayhem.
Perhaps your daddy just sits there perhaps drunk
enough to sleep through it all

You’ll play Purple Rain at full blast but to be honest I prefer Raspberry Beret.
She then yells for you to get off and you on queue smack her around while playing free bird or I’m a cowboy baby!

She then yells for help things as things get quiet for a moment or so then I hear beginnings of Planet Caravan by Black Sabbath, and things are quiet for the moment and then Purple Rain makes
a slight return.

The floor shakes, furniture is thrown
“I’m gonna kill somebody!” she yells
and to be honest I can’t tell who is beating whom
“Get off, Get off of me!” She screams as if Prince Roger Nelson would pour into the room wearing a fabulous purple velvet cape, a spit curl creating a black sweat to rains down, washing everyone with pure electric sugar

Hours later your musical tastes show no bounds as you sing
with Sir Elton, the chorus to “Candle in the Wind” until she
finally comes back for more. Because they always comeback
for Sir Elton
“I want my money back!” She screams
“I ain’t got your money so tough shit”

After a few more hours of slapping screaming and throwing furniture from the midst of chaos came more Purple Rain
and all was quiet you turned your stereo down just when
I was in the mood for “Bat Dance” after I wasn’t sure if
You were cool enough to play “When you were mine”

Finally after four hours of pure magic the cops finally arrived
They took your girlfriend away you stopped playing your personal anthems. All is quiet for the next month or so

I felt you gave the world purple rain with yellow bricks you gave us Bad Company much like the phoenix wife beater, you are free as bird and you will never change

Somehow I can’t help but to feel ungrateful
Because they silenced your voice before you majestically belted out “Give it to me baby” by Rick James
Perhaps “Take on me” by Ah Ha?
Don’t worry she will be back, they always come back.

-Craig Caudill

Dead Poets’ Legacy

Wuji Seshat


I’ve been stalked by God and Suns
Haunted by wild furies and ghosts
Loved by nature’s shyest beasts
Adored by words slick in subjectivity

I’ve drunk the magic of life
In all her deep-velvet verities
And the fabulous beauty of even
Despair, and the psychic knot of tragedy

I’ve been visited by calamity
Survived through bankrupt bed-ridden
Poverty, seen the ceremony of
Heart-break unfold in slow scrutiny

I’ve loved those conversations
Among the ruins, as if that was also
Part of my destiny, but as a Buddhist
I’ve taken it all in stride, and in a whirlwind

Of havoc and the empathy that comes
After significant suffering, I can only say
I carry with me the legacy of poets
I’ve read carefully those who committed suicide

I’ve felt their prominent warped humanity
And learned from their last grip on romance
I’ve been stalked by Metaphysics and Death
A tentative existentialism…

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One Last Chance

Wuji Seshat


I’ve buried with open eyes
My heart in the world
To see nothing really
And to see love clearly

I’ve deserted language
For feeling, it’s the only
Truth that matters to me
The foliage of clear identity

The fallen reality of empathy
I’ve buried with open eyes
My heart in the world
So that my soul might

Not go extinct, it’s light weight
Pressed against the winter morning
Like an anonymous conspiracy
Of seeing beauty even in decay

And the pulse of syllables
Laughing even in monotony
I’ve burned with open eyes
My heart in the world

So that i might sleepwalk kindly
For the rest of my brief years
If only to love a bit more
And learn to think of myself

A bit less, so far as I know
It’s working, goodbye then
Charred language, scattered vows
Promises of desires better left

For the precipitation of music

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