The Shining / Donald Trump Art of the Deal Funny or Die Bio Pic Dream Mashup

last night I had a dream mashup, which was very funny when compared to usual my nightmare world. instead I dreamed I was watching The Shinning but infused with Funny or Dies Biopic of Donald Trumps The Art of Making the Deal. which was hilarious. anyway Danny Torrance the Red Rum kid kept getting on Jack
Nicholson’s nerves because he was too Jewish.


“Kid your Fired” then suddenly he was replaced by another kid who also were too ethnic… as the movie went on Five kids replaced Danny Torrance in various undesirable groups.






shining4-2until finally Jack who was channeling “The Donald” Said Kid you and this talking finger thing is getting on my nerves and bit too creepy… and Rule Number 1 Know when to give people The Axe!!!

Kid your Fired…

I think my dreams are finally normalizing. I miss my funny dreams they are the best.