Being from the South I have first hand knowledge these kinds of people do exist. like every demographic there are good and bad examples of each. I can only hope I am the better half. this is in no way a put down of southern people I have my complaints. but I am thankful for the laughter and the mind bending nuance, it gave to my perspective on my life. from red dirt. drinking from Mason Jars, water pumps, fly paper, weeping willows, fresh air wild animals. rusted cars and long drives in the wilderness. My childhood was psychedelic without the drugs.


I bought a second set of Copic markers now instead of doing swatches to test them out, and I don’t like wasting paper. I decided to turn it into a comic strip. So I used the premise of Star Trek. so instead of seeking out new life or boldly going where no man has gone before. I just explored Carpet. I just hope Leonard is not looking on me in disproval. Everything that man did was just… “Fascinating”