Noodlers Ahab Bumble Bee fountain Pen Smack Down Review

This is not what this blog is about I started this blog to discuss the arts what I love about it things I’m making or collaborating on. I’m not famous but I’m functional I have a resume but I’m not rich and as an artist you have highs and lows and when you buy an art tool. on my budget its a calculated risk well thought out and with positive intention

Now I have been seeing video after video of people who review noodler ink and fountain pens and they swear by them. they are small company who make specialty ink and so on. and they make fountain pens. so I wanted one and as I have bought at least 10 pens. when I saw the bumble bee Ahab, I had to buy it because bees are like a motif I gravitated to. 20 years ago I was known locally as Controlled by Bees. Long story short it was going to be my film company. if it ever got off the ground which it didn’t. as a film company not so much. but as a solo artist I got a lot of work and I’m proud of the video installations I made for galleries. jump 20 years later. Bees still means a lot to me. so I’ve been buying things here and there with Bees on them. and I bought this Pen. and I was disappointed even insulted with the purchase. As you can see. the pen which I bought early this month is inside a ziplock bag. And the reason why is because it smells like it went through a process of vomit fermentation. It is so disgusting and foul that if you held in your hand. Your hand would smell like a weekend at Bernies frat party with a dead guy. how that became a movie with sequels I’ll never know.

So Noodlers are known for making Unique bottles of ink which I have 3 or 4. the average is $15 and stupid me I spent nearly 30 for a pen still smells bad. My wife was so repulsed. and honestly who wants to smell vomit as they Draw or write there thoughts? I want to know what compound that goes through the making of this hellish pen. is this a prank is it necessary? All I know is this. I will not buy another product made by Noodlers ever again. I will use the ink I bought. which i might add is not water proof as it says. but I can’t waste money like this. I wish the smell would go away. but a month into this I’m going to throw it away. I wrote a review on amazon, and they, Noodlers never contacted me for reimbursement which lot of people after I wrote to them on amazon. just dead silence. The pen is Trash. Because of Karma being a Critic is not an ambition. but if I can enlighten you to save your money. do not buy this product and judging from the silence I got from them when I contacted the seller I got dead silence. I will also add that other people have made the same claim and I wish I had seen those reviews before purchase.

Take care be safeand shop smarter than I did.

An Interview With Adam Stein

Five years ago I began writing for blogs about pop culture comics tv and film, But they were more into the comic books and Tv Shows and conventions. These editors were young kids or very old teenagers. Anyway I was somehow befriended an actor who I interviewed for the blog and He in turn linked me with other interviews with people in the business. You need to go back 4 years in the archive to see what I mean.

At the time I wondered how far could this get me? and just I thought that, Despite several interviews this Blog Fired me, because they said my questions were offensive. I thought I was writing opinion pieces about who should make what movie or Tv Series. Because I to am a Fan.

They didn’t enjoy hypothetical questions about monsters. My question was silly yes, but It was Science gift wrapped in confection. My motives were to somehow challenge the interviewee with questions. Not to find dirt on the person. or gossip about power couples and I didn’t go head on with semantics of lore on adaptations of novels or graphic novels. I do care but I don’t care… I want to know What If? Not the secret Not your Goop or a jade egg. Lets have fun. 2020 was terrible for everyone. and I wanna know if We’re all gonna make it? so Enough about me

I just found my interview with Film Maker Adam Stein. Four years later in fact. After posting it today I will apologize to him profusely. and hopefully I will somehow feel vindicated. After all I was fired. Peerhaps my feeble attempt of being Gonzo. but that is a stretch. perhaps grasping. Like Ryan Renolds trying to convice everybody he’s gay playing Dead Pool. Man that was forced. Even Tiger Man knows when too gay is too gay.

Back to Adam Stein. His Credits include. Freaks which he produced and directed. in television he produced Harley Quinn, The Exorcist, Damages, Under The Dome.

Although I’m a a little rusty I brainstorm a series of questions and these are his responses. I was pleased as punch. Lets begins shall we?

The Exorcist (TV Series 2016–2018) - IMDb
Under The Dome - Full Episodes, Cast, Pictures and News - CBS.com

1 What Novel changed your life if possible and your favorite author?

David Foster Wallace’s “Infinite Jest.” I can’t say I understood it all, but I spent a whole lotta time with it and in really opened my eyes as to what the authorial imagination can accomplish.

 2 Is Wonder woman Sexy to you specifically Lynda Carter and why?

Wonder Woman: yes. Lynda Carter: not really. Why? I don’t know. The fact that she could destroy me?

3 You are a super hero, what is your name and power and costume.  And who is your Arch Enemy?

I am The Bloodhound, and my power is to sniff out crime, and my costume has an elongated proboscis made of vulcanized rubber. My Arch Enemy is the Flatulator, for obvious reasons. 

4 what is your preference? Cosplay or LARPING?

LARPING has something to do with role-playing, doesn’t it? I’ll go with LARPING.

5 can you name a trendy drink named after a Super Hero?

Do you mean “can I come up with a trendy drink named after a Super Hero?” Or “do I know of a trendy drink named after a Super Hero?” In either case, the answer is “no.” (But fine, how about the Hulk Smash? It’s like a Whiskey Smash but with limes instead of lemons.)

6 Who is your favorite Villain?

Dr. Evil.

7 Are Vampires ruined not scary or played out?

I’m sure there are ways to still make vampires interesting, despite their over-exposure of late.

8 Could we Co-exist with Vampires in a True Blood scenario with a Three’s Company Twist and your Landlords are Vampires?

Of course we could. Is rent paid in blood?

9 Are you high on V right now? 

If “V” means “volcano ash,” then yes. I snort that shit all the time. If it’s something else, then maybe.

10 Stephen Hawking has warned everyone not to interact with aliens if you suddenly meet one. But if you did would you talk to him. And what would you talk to him about?

Of course I’d talk to the alien. Because I’m polite. I’d ask him how his trip was. Duh.

11 Do you believe in Life on other worlds? 

I think there’s gotta be, right? In the absence of God, it’d be pretty self-important to believe there wasn’t.

12 Did you cry when E.T. Died?

Nah. I was happy for E.T. He got to go home. And I’m not much of a movie-cryer.

13 Roger Moore or Sean Connery?

If we’re talking James Bond, Connery. If we’re talking Cannonball Run, Moore.

14 Does Working for Rotor Rooter Qualify anyone to be an expert on The Paranormal?

I do not understand this question.

15 Do you fear a Zombie reality?


16 If your Significant other were a zombie would you let them eat you?

I would never date a zombie.

17 if someone you knew and cared about and they were made out of chocolate would you eat them?

No. But I might lick them.

18 If there was an election now between Emperor Kang Vs Emperor Kodos who would you vote for?

I am unfamiliar with either Emperor. I would need to see them debate before making a considered decision.

19 who would win in a fight Sawyer from Lost or Daryl Dixon from Walking Dead?

Josh Holloway has the height and reach advantage, so I’m going with Sawyer.

20 Same Question but The original Ricardo Montalban, Wrath of Kahn vs Benedict Cumberbatch in the Star Trek Reboot?

Cumberbatch in a walk.

21 OK True or False There is only one Bat Man, Adam West?

Absolutely false.

22 OK Big Foot is now discovered he’s booked on your talk show. But everything he says is Outdated, Racist, sexist, and Homophobic… but he’s Big Foot how would you handle this situation.

If my talk show is on the Fox News Channel — which I assume it is — everything’s fine. I make Bigfoot permanent co-host.

What Song gets stuck in your head when you least expect it?

That fucking awful Train song, “Drops of Jupiter.”

23 What super hero would you like to portray?

I think I’d’ve made a pretty good Magneto.

24. Big Foot, Chuck Norris and Danny Trejo are in a room. A brawl breaks out. Who is the last man standing when it’s over?

Well, it’s not Bigfoot, because Bigfoot’s not a man. Between Norris and Trejo, I’m going with Trejo.

25 Ok you find yourself in a bar with Scrappy Snoopy, Scooby and Droopy until a conversation break out into a Brawl over which one of the Golden Girls they’d like to knock boots with. Who is the last Dog Standing, and name the Golden Girl that is most Golden?   

I think Droopy’s neurasthenic demeanor is actually covering up a lot of rage. So I pick Droopy. I don’t know the names of the Golden Girls, because I’m not a gay man in his 60s, but I’ll pick…the old one.

26 Final question you can refuse to answer for noble reasons. God gave you permission to kill only one person.

Trump. C’mon.

27 F*ck Marry Kill. Ginger, Maryanne, or Mrs Howell played by Helen Mirren?

Fuck Ginger, marry Mrs. Howell-Mirren, kill Maryann.

28. What project are you most proud of and what should we expect from Adam in the future?

I guess I’m most proud of having written for the first three seasons of “Damages.” That was a good show. In the future, I hope you can expect a series I’ve created to be on a network or SVOD service near you!

Damages Poster

29. Chrissy, Janet or Mrs. Roper Down stairs, waiting for you. Mr. Roper is fixing the muffler in his car. Today is your lucky day… Decisions…. Decisions     

Mrs. Roper. She’s got experience.

Wow thank you Mr. Stein for such for blessing me and taking the time from your busy schedule for relaunching the correspondence on NiktoFobic.com



I just heard Monty Python joke about Kentucky Fried Chicken just now Netflix


Honestly did not think I would be so rushed to whip out a continuation on the subject but in light of the news as messed up as it is. Someone has a messed up sense of humor. making a monolith. Honestly I thought the october surprise was going to be Trump saying

“We found Big Foot and He begged for his life we stopped a Bigfoot invasion. Some people call ’em Yeti or Yoda but I call him the Big Guy. and we got him. and He’s chinese and his name is Corona Standing 19 Feet tall…. Bigly and huge, and he smells. they say it couldn’t be done. I wanted to see if he could communicate. I said TV Radio Man, Woman Micro wave Big Mac… and we fell in love he wrote letter with big words. the good ones, the best words. So we killed him. real good. He begged for his like a real coward. A smelly hairy coward with covid. I had to stop him before I got to the suburbs. and did you know he was rumored to be Pocahontas’s husband.

Needless to say I was wrong I gave him more credit than he deserved. To be honest being a news freak. I’m going to be going on a News Strike. slowly weening from talking heads from all networks or Youtube… Maybe I’ll check once a week not sure. but I will be playing PS4 painting, Recording. Sadly my goal of putting something on vinyl was not in the cards. The world stopped and hopefully Atlas Stopped shrugging I never read Ayn Rand and I hated the Bitch. Perhaps things will get moving again….

Anyway enjoy these Monoliths. I got one more coming tomorrow.