The Shining / Donald Trump Art of the Deal Funny or Die Bio Pic Dream Mashup

last night I had a dream mashup, which was very funny when compared to usual my nightmare world. instead I dreamed I was watching The Shinning but infused with Funny or Dies Biopic of Donald Trumps The Art of Making the Deal. which was hilarious. anyway Danny Torrance the Red Rum kid kept getting on Jack
Nicholson’s nerves because he was too Jewish.


“Kid your Fired” then suddenly he was replaced by another kid who also were too ethnic… as the movie went on Five kids replaced Danny Torrance in various undesirable groups.






shining4-2until finally Jack who was channeling “The Donald” Said Kid you and this talking finger thing is getting on my nerves and bit too creepy… and Rule Number 1 Know when to give people The Axe!!!

Kid your Fired…

I think my dreams are finally normalizing. I miss my funny dreams they are the best.



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I love Zombies good or bad OLD SKOOL VAMPIRES ONLY. clowns that float and weird stories. if you know of a true stories or have real footage. or write reviews if you got a platform. would love to hear from you. what is your expertise?

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Rhys Darby on X Files

Rhys Darby on X Files



If anyone knows me I am a big Rhys Darby Fan and to my delight I just saw him on the latest X files Episode. Which was hilarious. Rarely does the show go into the comedic realm  but have done so quite a few times and has worked. TV in the 90’s I thought sucked and was the only show worth watching of course I was a heavy book reader reading 3 novels a week. I hated TV then and I never thought it would improve. The X files was The Fox Network Answer to ABC’s Twin Peaks which  was a on an episodes in Drag

So far I’m enjoying this miniseries and I hope they continue with more shows in the future.

But back to Rhys Darby who made the Flight of the Conchords hilarious. I think he is one favorite comedians of all time. His characters are just relaxed effortless fun. Recently Jemaine Stewart and Rhys teamed up for What We do in the Shadows. Horror Doc Spoof about real vampires and Rhys Darby as the rival leader of a Werewolf Gang…. That were Track Suits so they don’t ruin their denims.

I can never get enough of his humor if I was a comedian I’d want to be as subtle as he is. But knowing me I’d probably go over the top like a second hand Will Farrell. I’d also like to point out that Rhys will notably wearing an outfit very similar to Darren McGavin from the night stalker days. He wore the same jacket a blue striped jacket and the same hat. I don’t want to ruin the whole episode. I assume that maybe this will lots a mixed views. At first I wasn’t enjoying it because it seemed too tongue in check.gillian-anderson-27

Things to consider Gilian Anderson is still a Goddess and it still hurts to look at her after all these years. She is like fine bottle of wine and I feel drunk just looking at the bottle.

I  would like to say last was a shitty year for entertainment I don’t remember much except for Guardians of the Galaxy and that’s it. AHS was cool and Saul was a blast but last yeast was a blur and I hated it.

I just want to know when is cool stuff going to happen if at all? I haven’t been writing about anything because I have been distracted and not inspired. And on top of that I some really cool people have passed on. Man… I am pissed.


Stone Roses singer Ian Brown ‘was taught to masturbate’ by TV weatherman Fred Talbot

Musician tells a Manchester court that Talbot taught him biology

The Stone Roses singer Ian Brown has given evidence in court to describe how he was taught to masturbate by the TV weatherman Fred Talbot, now on trial for sex offences.

The 51-year-old frontman stunned the jury at Minshull Street Crown Court when he was revealed as a prosecution witness today.

Brown said that Talbot, 65, taught him biology during his time at Altrincham Grammar School between 1974 and 1979.

And saying that he had “nothing to gain” from lying and was supporting his classmates, the musician claimed Talbot showed children a video which he later “later realised was probably a gay porn film”.

Fred Talbot arrives at Minshull Street Crown CourtFred Talbot arrives at Minshull Street Crown CourtTalbot denies 10 offences of indecent assault on five boys while working as a teacher in the late 1960s and early 1980s before his TV career took off.

Recalling one alleged incident when he and his fellow classmates were 11 years old, Brown said Mr Talbot “asked all the class if any of us had ever masturbated”.

“He went on to explain how to masturbate, how you should masturbate and the following lesson he asked who had masturbated.”

Brown said pupils responded with “nervous giggles”, before some boys raised their hands. He said that in further lessons, Talbot approached the boys who had raised their hands and “murmured” in their ears.

On a separate occasion, the singer said Talbot took the class into a room with a projector and showed them a film “of a guy walking into a room dressed in denims, sits on bed, takes trousers down and masturbates”.