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Under Sky – Original Mix

ArtistFM R IZ

RecordlabelPink Dolphin Music Ltd


Release DateSeptember 18, 2015

Catalogue NoPDM00014

ISRC CodeUK9LN1500021

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Track Information:FM R IZ brings a dazzling array of avant-garde electronica to the world with this full length album, Under Sky. Featuring distorted techno sounds mixed with ambient tones and bedazzling rhythms, this album is often unsettling but always satisfying to the listener. FM R IZ’s debut release for Pink Dolphin Music Ltd is definitely an album worth taking time over.

American Horror Story Freak show a free novella Jan 21st 2015 on Amazon

For Fans of American Horror Story Freak show
comes a novella from a new exciting writer. 20 years in the making comes Carny Folk a novella that packs quite a punch will be Free during the Season Finale!!

“Carny Folk is an hallucinogenic trip on the freaky side, made all the more surprising, and beautiful, for the love and great sympathy with which Craig Caudill develops his cast of eccentrics. This book has depth.”
-Joe McKinney, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of Dog Days and Plague of the Undead

In an age of cold war cowardice in a world devoid of magic, Carnival People brought it with them in spades
LEOPOLD IS A MAN OF SKINNY POSSIBILITIES… the story opens with the narration by Fin a carnival Hand with various skills one most notably Flamenco guitar virtuosity. He guides us into this world, revealing key players and the history of Leopold Limelight’s League of Luna Lustre. We learn of the Circus rivalry that goes back years.
Fin, Leopold and the Gang find themselves trapped in a sleepy town that is haunted than sleepy
They soon find themselves locked in a battle of Good versus Evil. A battle they were not prepared for by a long shot. A novella that was twenty years in the making comes to life for the first time. COME ONE, COME ALL AND JOIN US IF YOU DARE!!!


I’ve read about Leopold Limelight’s League of Luna Lustre twice already, but there isn’t a lot that I can say without spoiling this novella for you. There is much more to Carny Folk than meets the eye – demons, magic, and an epic battle that sucks you in until you blink your dry eyes and wonder how you finished it so fast!
Since Craig is so feakin’ awesome, he has Carny Folk FREE on Amazon right now – coinciding with this seasons return of AHS: FREAK SHOW!

-Beckie’s Bloody Book Blog