I’m letting everyone know that what I buy or receive I intend to write about it because I believe in it. I’m saying this because  I bought an album from band camp and I still have not received the album. when normally its an immediate download. Has BAND CAMP changed? Do I blame a mercury in retrograde?

all I know is if I believe in it I will talk about it.

I also find it odd On twitter there is a account for Electronic Music Age now I stopped following that account because I felt they only represented people who get too much press as it is. are they people? yes of course.. Do I hate them? No I just find them not so interesting and over exposed and over exposed people bore me.  I want to know what new artists are doing. I want to know The latest Synth, I feel with a name like Electronic Music Age. One must live up to a cool name like that. Why Convolute an advantageous platform with stories about hair styles and Celebs turned DJ’s.

I believe today the final Sin we could commit is to live a life without substance.

I want the strange and unusual I want classic I want the fantastic. but most importantly I want to be inspired.


ALPHASTARE -Current Birds

When I  When I  listen to Alphastare, to get the full effect I have to have headphones on because there is so much going on. Its likes an emotional Spaghetti Western, Ennio Morroricone. It has a nice drift both acoustically and electrically Its easy to get lost in it. Even if you’re just doing something like typing.

From his website

Musician/Artist/ Silk screener. I spend my free time painting and rabidly searching out and discovering new/old music. Big vinyl collector, but I still partake in the digital world when I have to.

I grew up in Buffalo, moved to LA in ’96′ and played with seminal punk band The Flesh Eaters (recorded as well as co-wrote some of the album ‘Ashes of Time’ (2000). Also worked with my band The Alphastares which disbanded when I moved to San Francisco in 2004.

In San Francisco I’ve continued playing music and I’ve printed a zillion t-shirts for various shops until branching off to start my own print shop called The Little Black Egg.

My final assessment of this album is that I feel like I’m traveling somewhere in aviary in South America, it’s late at night and something is laughing at me. I think the physical copy of this is numbered with art work that sounds amazing in limited quantity. I remember a day when musicians would send me discs with copper foil and intricate layouts and sounds,  the things would be hand painted. Those were the days. I’m glad to see people are still with an attention to small details. Its things like this is what makes a guy like me stop listening to radio. Craftsmanship seems to be gone..

Check out ALPHASTARE you won’t be disappointed.