Into The Nightside: An Open Letter To Ryan Murphy

Into The Nightside: An Open Letter To Ryan Murphy

February 29th, 2016 | by Craig Caudill
Into The Nightside: An Open Letter To Ryan Murphy


Our Craig Caudill recently penned an open letter to one of the most successful creators out there, Ryan Murphy, of American Horror story fame.  Craig believes he has found the next great book series to adapt.

Dear Mr. Murphy:

I would like to applaud your efforts in challenging your fellow creators with diversity in a stagnant world, suffering from a cesspool of fake documentaries. It seems all one has to do these days is make one documentary about anything and insert the names Hitler, Aliens, or Bigfoot, and voila instant  lazy educational television.

That’s just one complaint I have, but I’m not here to complain.

I want to share with you a book recommendation that I hope will inspire you to create another hit TV series; The Nightside by Simon R. Green.


Perhaps it is tremendous hubris to hope that I may be able to persuade anyone into doing anything, but I’m a desperate man when it comes to entertainment. I know life is short, but without entertainment how do we find our little slices of heaven? Entertainment is a spiritual thing for me and we learn lots of things from the content we digest, whether we know it or not.

I want to discuss a great work of fiction which I know you would just love. It oozes with diversity and enthusiasm and moves at a fast pace. I believe that you, your fans and your production team would enjoy adapting The Nightside series and that it would play extremely well on either HBO, AMC or FOX.

Each novel is short punchy, fast-paced  and full of shoot-from-the-hip prose. This isn’t about making a one time movie, I’m talking about a whole series and a vast array of colourful characters that would grow over the years.

When I wrote Simon R Green, I briefly got a response from his assistant who told me that there was going to be a show, but it ended up being cancelled.

We can change that!

Simon R Green describes The Nightside series:  “A place where dreams come true and nightmares come alive.” 

To see what I’m talking about, get the e-book and/or audio book and play a long file of ambient music while you immerse yourself into The Nightside.

The Nightside is a supernatural thriller narrated by John Taylor, a detective with super powers who only uses them when he has too. Over time, Taylor has become a target for otherworldly beings.

He finds things and solves crimes in London’s underworld where times stops at Three in the morning. Another distinction that makes him a target is that He is the son of Lilith who is notoriously the first wife of Adam. Which is not mentioned in the book of Genesis. Consult the Kabbalah. Each story is a crime of supernatural , that he has to figure out and solve. If not the repercussions of  a war between heaven and hell could break out. Each story is a crime of supernatural shenanigans, or ghostly revenge which the plot twists to find John Taylor has a price on his head and he has to figure out who wants him dead this time. Sometimes the repercussions could mean  a war between heaven and hell could break out.

So Now that I hope I have your attention. I would like to introduce to you,  your new favorite heroine. One That will be your favorite female character for years to come!

Her Name is Shotgun Suzie or Suzie Shooter a tough hired assassin body-guard or bounty hunting gun for hire. Call her what you like she’s dark mean Amazonian Sexy and decked out in black leather high heel, black leather boots and bandoliers. And did I say she was had a shot-gun. I think I did. And of course she is blond. Now I know you have a thousand women you would choose. I compliment your casting choices. God know I love Jessica Lange in AHS.  I want to bring to your attention that if you would be so bold to produce such a show or even purchase this book and begin reading it right away. My first choice for Shotgun Suzie is Kristen Johnston.


For John Taylor, I was thinking about Iain Glen who played Jorah Mormont on Game of Thrones.

Game of Thrones

What about Michael Pitt, who was amazing in Boardwalk Empire?



You could have a field day casting the rest of the show.

Others Who Dwell In The Nightside:

Razor Eddie: Punk God of the Straight Razor. He’s dead, he’s punk and somehow a god, yet he’s not completely evil – just scary.

Henry Walker: A rich Tycoon who represents the authorities of the Nightside

The Collector: He collects pricesless works of art along with artifacts perceived to be mythical, like the Grail. It also a good idea point out the dangerous Rococo Robot Cats that guard his precious warehouse from art thieves.

The Collector’s most prized possession is The Speaking Gun. It’s literally a gun made of human flesh and is alive. It’s perhaps the most dangerous weapon in the world.

Alex Morrisey:  A man who owns a bar called Strange Fellows, where Merlin Satan Spawn lies dormant underneath a catacomb of the bar.

Dead Boy: A zombie that died and came back to avenge his own death, then eventually winds up doing good deeds.

Merlin Satan Spawn: He is this world’s Merlin the Magician.

The Harrowing. A collection of faceless assassins that possess anesthetic-filled hypodermic needles for fingers

The Walking Man: Who supposedly made a deal with God to righteously kill anyone who deserves to die.

This is just a sample of characters I think you’d thoroughly enjoy.

Each novel is a different adventure with a consistent ongoing story line.  The themes are good against evil, with our hero, the paranormal detective, coming to grips with his own powerful identity within the seedy underworld he watches over. It’s loaded with surprises.

I think along with American Horror Story you could turn this show into quality prime-time television.

As I watch American Horror Story, I envy your sense of the macabre. I was very pleased with the pacing in the last season, as well as the ensemble cast that just blew me away. I believe your attention to detail would do justice to The Nightside project. You’re probably the only producer with the guts to do a project like this.

I would like to congratulate you on the success of your current projects American Horror Story and American Crime Story as well.  and I applaud your moving tribute to David Bowie in Season Four’s “Freak Show”. The use of Life on Mars as a premise was brilliant.

In closing, I hope I gave you something to consider and hope to hear good news that you will make this happen one day!


Craig Caudill is a Contributor to ComiConverse.  Follow him on Twitter: @CraigCaudill

The Walking Dead: Big Mid-Season Shock

The Walking Dead: Big Mid-Season Shock

February 21st, 2016 | by Craig Caudill
The Walking Dead: Big Mid-Season Shock


The Walking Dead has returned from its mid-season hiatus, and ComiConverse’s Craig Caudill is here to get us all up to speed. Warning, spoilers abound!

Now if you have not seen The Walking Dead‘s mid-season opener, I suggest you watch it first before you read this review. And then come back, or maybe watch a Golden Girlsor JAG marathon. I call it a JAG-off. Then we can discuss and talk shop.

Now I am a little peeved at some would-be The Walking Dead fans who in the past was hoping for an early death for Carl. I find the trend of hoping that children die on tv shows appalling. I know that the networks when they want to add a level of cuteness they bring in the kid or another younger kid to maintain the cute factor. The weirdest example was Oliver on The Brady Bunch, who I thought was alienating and ruined the dynamic of the show. I hated the show so much, and yet I watched every single episode — because with three networks there wasn’t much else to watch. So you’re at the mercy of any network whims to lure you into viewer submission. Oliver was a weird kid. He even looked like John Denver. But that’s where the insults end, because he is a human being. He’s not acting anymore. And I hope he’s married employed and happy somewhere. The same as Charlie Bucket, who owns a farm. Yes, I’m talking Willie Wonka.


Now about Chandler Riggs, who plays Carl. I’m sure he is a good kid. His acting is fine and I wish he has a prolific career. I hope he’s a fine young man. But over the years I’ve read nasty memes on Facebook cheering for the character to die because they found him to be an annoying kid.

Now I know when a kid is annoying. But this wasn’t the boy Anakin in The Phantom Menace, flying star-fighters all on his own. This kid was accused of single handedly accused of ruining the whole Star Wars franchise. But I may confess that initially, afterThe Phantom Menace, while everyone applauded lightly (perhaps they were just so desperate for a new Star Wars), me on the other hand? I booed. I’ve never booed in a crowded movie theater in my life.  But I did that uncontrollably, only to be shushed by my brothers. We were pissed when we drove home. Our day was ruined.

I will bring up one Wil Wheaton, who was a source of consternation for many Star Trekfans. Myself, I didn’t watch the show until many years later, and although it was OK I wasn’t really a fan. Although I watched Deep Space Nine in the wee hours late at night — because there was nothing else on but an episode of The Twilight Zone.

But I do remember one literature student had a meltdown, in the student lounge over the relevancy of some kid on Star Trek: The Next Generation who never does anything important. God, what I’d give to remember what he screamed. All I do remember is one guy being like “Wil Wheaton Sucks I hate him.”

Mr Meltdown: “Shut up. F**k you. Leave Wil Wheaton alone. He’s a good kid, he’s important to the story…” it went something like that. But my point being, I worry about how kids are kind of abused in real life and in Hollywood and somehow people project their emotions on kids and they get cast aside or chewed up and spit out.

So now Carl gets shot in the head.


I was prepared to write a eulogy for Carl. Now after a dramatic moment of hack-and-slash we’re taking back the town again. On one level this was pure cheese, but I liked it too, because it was the most action I’ve seen all this season.

Well, I said my piece about Carl. You got what you want but he’s going to be Snake Plisken with a patch on his eye? Don’t know.

What irks me about the show now

Michael Traynor as Nicholas and Steven Yeun as Glenn Rhee - The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 3 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

I want to say I don’t like short-season shows. Five episodes here and then nothing for three months. Thank God I write or play music, otherwise I’d be bored. I hate sports so I’d be screwed for entertainment.

Last season was kind of just filler, but I liked when they brought back Morgan Jones (played by Lennie James) with his Zen philosophy. That was cool. But watching Daryl seemingly putting on a chopper while dead people were just dragging their feet was tedious. Then the anger I felt when I thought Glen died. I wasn’t cool with that because he’s the character I like most. I swore I’d never watch it again if that were the case. Unless of course that’s how the comic book went. I remember reading half of it on the hardback graphic novel edition. The death I must bring up, because we never really saw it happen — we just assume she’s dead — is of course Andrea Harrison, played byLaurie Holden.


I would like to trade her back onto the show, and you can have the supposed genius with the mullet who turned out to be a fraud in exchange. I’m not amused about this. Yeah we all have our thing. Tom Waits had his Soul Patch Sailor on Wild At Heart, had his Snake Skin jacket. Unless your mullet is the source of your magic power… you’re a pointless character. I get the joke, but I would like for Andrea to come back instead. Nothing personal. I’m sure he’s a nice guy and this is not a hate on him.

By now the second episode of the season opener promises a big shocker. Maybe the Governor is alive, or Rick Grimes’ wife followed them from the prison? Questions, questions… But I guess I have to force myself to watch. I hope this gets better.

Just leave Carl alone!

The Walking Dead airs on AMC on Sundays at 9pm (8pm Central). Craig Caudill is a Contributor to ComiConverse. Follow him on Twitter @craigcaudill.

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