Review from Track it Down

Under Sky – Original Mix ArtistFM R IZ RecordlabelPink Dolphin Music Ltd GenreElectronica Release DateSeptember 18, 2015 Catalogue NoPDM00014 ISRC CodeUK9LN1500021            $ 1.78 –           MP3 320kbs $ 2.11 –                      WAV Cue Play Buy Track Information:FM R IZ brings aContinue reading “Review from Track it Down”


I’m letting everyone know that what I buy or receive I intend to write about it because I believe in it. I’m saying this because  I bought an album from band camp and I still have not received the album. when normally its an immediate download. Has BAND CAMP changed? Do I blame a mercuryContinue reading “IF I BUY SOMETHING IT BETTER GET TO ME”

ALPHASTARE -Current Birds

When I  When I  listen to Alphastare, to get the full effect I have to have headphones on because there is so much going on. Its likes an emotional Spaghetti Western, Ennio Morroricone. It has a nice drift both acoustically and electrically Its easy to get lost in it. Even if you’re just doing somethingContinue reading “ALPHASTARE -Current Birds”