Noodlers Ahab Bumble Bee fountain Pen Smack Down Review

This is not what this blog is about I started this blog to discuss the arts what I love about it things I’m making or collaborating on. I’m not famous but I’m functional I have a resume but I’m not rich and as an artist you have highs and lows and when you buy anContinue reading “Noodlers Ahab Bumble Bee fountain Pen Smack Down Review”

An Interview With Adam Stein

Five years ago I began writing for blogs about pop culture comics tv and film, But they were more into the comic books and Tv Shows and conventions. These editors were young kids or very old teenagers. Anyway I was somehow befriended an actor who I interviewed for the blog and He in turn linkedContinue reading “An Interview With Adam Stein”


FYI I just heard Monty Python joke about Kentucky Fried Chicken just now Netflix