Noodlers Ahab Bumble Bee fountain Pen Smack Down Review

This is not what this blog is about I started this blog to discuss the arts what I love about it things I’m making or collaborating on. I’m not famous but I’m functional I have a resume but I’m not rich and as an artist you have highs and lows and when you buy an art tool. on my budget its a calculated risk well thought out and with positive intention

Now I have been seeing video after video of people who review noodler ink and fountain pens and they swear by them. they are small company who make specialty ink and so on. and they make fountain pens. so I wanted one and as I have bought at least 10 pens. when I saw the bumble bee Ahab, I had to buy it because bees are like a motif I gravitated to. 20 years ago I was known locally as Controlled by Bees. Long story short it was going to be my film company. if it ever got off the ground which it didn’t. as a film company not so much. but as a solo artist I got a lot of work and I’m proud of the video installations I made for galleries. jump 20 years later. Bees still means a lot to me. so I’ve been buying things here and there with Bees on them. and I bought this Pen. and I was disappointed even insulted with the purchase. As you can see. the pen which I bought early this month is inside a ziplock bag. And the reason why is because it smells like it went through a process of vomit fermentation. It is so disgusting and foul that if you held in your hand. Your hand would smell like a weekend at Bernies frat party with a dead guy. how that became a movie with sequels I’ll never know.

So Noodlers are known for making Unique bottles of ink which I have 3 or 4. the average is $15 and stupid me I spent nearly 30 for a pen still smells bad. My wife was so repulsed. and honestly who wants to smell vomit as they Draw or write there thoughts? I want to know what compound that goes through the making of this hellish pen. is this a prank is it necessary? All I know is this. I will not buy another product made by Noodlers ever again. I will use the ink I bought. which i might add is not water proof as it says. but I can’t waste money like this. I wish the smell would go away. but a month into this I’m going to throw it away. I wrote a review on amazon, and they, Noodlers never contacted me for reimbursement which lot of people after I wrote to them on amazon. just dead silence. The pen is Trash. Because of Karma being a Critic is not an ambition. but if I can enlighten you to save your money. do not buy this product and judging from the silence I got from them when I contacted the seller I got dead silence. I will also add that other people have made the same claim and I wish I had seen those reviews before purchase.

Take care be safeand shop smarter than I did.


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