Honestly did not think I would be so rushed to whip out a continuation on the subject but in light of the news as messed up as it is. Someone has a messed up sense of humor. making a monolith. Honestly I thought the october surprise was going to be Trump saying

“We found Big Foot and He begged for his life we stopped a Bigfoot invasion. Some people call ’em Yeti or Yoda but I call him the Big Guy. and we got him. and He’s chinese and his name is Corona Standing 19 Feet tall…. Bigly and huge, and he smells. they say it couldn’t be done. I wanted to see if he could communicate. I said TV Radio Man, Woman Micro wave Big Mac… and we fell in love he wrote letter with big words. the good ones, the best words. So we killed him. real good. He begged for his like a real coward. A smelly hairy coward with covid. I had to stop him before I got to the suburbs. and did you know he was rumored to be Pocahontas’s husband.

Needless to say I was wrong I gave him more credit than he deserved. To be honest being a news freak. I’m going to be going on a News Strike. slowly weening from talking heads from all networks or Youtube… Maybe I’ll check once a week not sure. but I will be playing PS4 painting, Recording. Sadly my goal of putting something on vinyl was not in the cards. The world stopped and hopefully Atlas Stopped shrugging I never read Ayn Rand and I hated the Bitch. Perhaps things will get moving again….

Anyway enjoy these Monoliths. I got one more coming tomorrow.


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