I’m letting everyone know that what I buy or receive I intend to write about it because I believe in it. I’m saying this because  I bought an album from band camp and I still have not received the album. when normally its an immediate download. Has BAND CAMP changed? Do I blame a mercuryContinue reading “IF I BUY SOMETHING IT BETTER GET TO ME”

ALPHASTARE -Current Birds

When I  When I  listen to Alphastare, to get the full effect I have to have headphones on because there is so much going on. Its likes an emotional Spaghetti Western, Ennio Morroricone. It has a nice drift both acoustically and electrically Its easy to get lost in it. Even if you’re just doing somethingContinue reading “ALPHASTARE -Current Birds”

San Francisco International Film Festival

When Guillermo del Toro was honored with the Irving M. Levin Directing Award at the 58th c, the fanboys went wild. Watch the full video below. 2 SFIFF/Pamela GentileGuillermo del Toro One of the pleasures of daily immersion in a film festival is appreciating the wildly different audiences you can be part of during aContinue reading “San Francisco International Film Festival”