Right off the bat I’m gonna say Ray Liotta is a fine actor, and  some of his films are my favorites I have nothing negative to say about the guy. I am not a critic I made a vow to myself that I was going to be a creative person and not a critic.

In the dream I won a contest for my whole entire family to Tour New York with a celebrity. Perhaps I miss New York? its almost 20 yrs since I’ve been there. however not sure who was there in my family accept the usual’s  but oddly enough my Aunt Barb went and in reality she died a few years ago. but she was with us.

Anyway Ray Liotta was our Host  and he was awesome the stories and tid bits of facts he was the best concierge you could ever hope to have. the connections to hotels and shows and restaurants was a dream come true. He even stayed with us in an adjoining room and saw to our needs and comforts 

I bring up my aunt Barb because she went on her own  to an auction where you bid on the contents of peoples cars if any. my impression normally this is a  Scam for the tourists but she did won the contents of this one car which had nothing but suit cases.

And inside one suitcase was a manila envelope with crime scene photos of kill shots and various bludgeoning’s.

Now that I’m awake I think it was a scam with implanted envelope with photo’s totally unrelated to original owner of the car.  now that I think about this ruse is a brilliant come on, to use on  would be unsuspecting tourists looking for a cheap thrill.  and my aunt Barb was no acception. She always seemed to be looking for harmless fun. Have said that she was always a church girl. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Now on the trip home Ray was still with us. Now we did fly to New York,  but for some reason ended up taking a rental drive in a couple of mini vans. now here is where Ray Changes from Mr. Nice guy to this Babyfied pretentious spoiled rotten kid.

The man is 60 years old and he for some reason would spread out taking up more room than he needed. and was prone to shouts and screaming and bathroom breaks every half hour. thus making the trip longer than necessary then sometime he would lean on you. or he was sitting behind you would somehow be hovering above you have his arms propped up on you.

“Get off me Ray!” I shouted. and he would look shocked and oblivious.

“My arms are uncomfortable I need to put them somewhere… thank you!” the whole trip was like this and is a blur. I for the life can sort of remember the end when we arrived home which was a stop at a local gas station. after a few phone calls he had actor John Leguizamo meet him there in a white escalade limo. it had gold rims John was wearing a white immaculate suit….  again I have no comment on Leguizamo either. I respect his work and his monologues are incredible. but I will say He only appeared to pick Liotta up and that was it.

Before Liotta left He gave Leguizamo an earful of what horrible people we are. and that we are ungrateful low life bastards we are. then he left an that was it as far as I can remember.

two things come to mind why did i have dream my number one theory, is because I was watching Celebrity Big Brother UK and one person on the show acted like that. Not being a critic that person shall remain nameless. so as not to conjure this person in my life. I think the show somehow implanted this in my subconscious?

the only connection with my Aunt Barb and Ray Liotta, is that they’re birthdays are five days apart. I just found that out today on wikipedia. Almost a coincidence. but not that amazing. I’ve had better coincidences but this dream was worth writing about.

I have no animosity towards aforementioned actors and don’t have any idea why I would dremt about them. I hope theycontinue with the successes they have experienced for years to come.


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