SEASON FINALE American Horror Story

Maybe I didn’t want the show to go off that was my only complaint. but i think after Breaking Bad its the best show on TV now. where Walking Dead fails miserably and yet i forgive it at the same time. because I love zombies. this show never stops impressing me. and Jessica Lange God has been very kind to her as she is as lovely as ever. the writing this season was much better.  I think witchcraft has been overly romanticised so much it loses it edge factor let alone spook factor and becomes another pep rally for spooky goth kids which falls flat for people who enjoy a good scare.

This season was filled with some amazing gems. Dandy was hysterical and insane lookout Christian Bale! a real American Psycho emerges. and I especially enjoyed the tribute to David Bowie.  the true King of Rock. My opinion deal with it.


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