Hear! Hear!

This is something you don’t hear every day. I have to give these two serious props, because their blend of electro-acoustic instrumental pop really draws you in while creating cinematic visions from what initially start out as notes on a page. Forget Tangerine Dream — these two should be scoring movies, directing music videos, and drawing legions of hipsters under their spell as they fight to dominate the space between your ears. “Goin’ Somewhere” is exactly that, and it is no surprise that they’ve attracted the attention of luminaries Dan the Animator and Pharoahe Monch. There’s just something about electric cellist Topu Lyo and drummer/keyboardist Mike Thies that makes me hit repeat again and again while I finally understand where Mike Doughty could have taken Soul Coughing were it for that thing called full creative control. Their latest albumDoyers has been out since April, and with “Goin’ Somewhere” picking…

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